Frequently Asked Questions

Ari & Elle is a unique service that connects on-the-go shoppers with the perfect gift, one that shows how much you care.

1. Fill out details of your recipient and the event for which you’re gifting.

2. We connect you to a custom automated “shopper” who will ask you a few simple questions then suggest the perfect box for your recipient.

3. Once your box is filled, simply insert your recipient’s phone number and we will contact them to get their address.

4. Your recipient will get a beautifully wrapped box of personal, on-trend items.

Like some online retailers, Ari & Elle saves you a trip to the store and the post office. Unlike many online retailers, Ari & Elle’s unique gift boxes are not merely curated, they’re truly personalized to your recipient’s taste, age and hobbies as well as your gift-giving budget. We select items just for your recipient, saving you time without sacrificing any of the sentiment all gifts carry.
Shipping is free and your gift will arrive beautifully wrapped to your recipient in up to seven business days.
The gift arrives in a beautiful gift box with a handwritten card all tied neatly with a bow.
Boxes are available for almost any budget. You can set a budget in the app and we will pick items that reflect your preferences.
We work with more than 70 established and up-and-coming labels and brands. In addition, part of the fun of Ari & Elle is that we’ll introduce you to new brands so your gift isn’t just on-trend, it’s trend-setting!
We have a box for everyone from babies and kids to teens and adults.
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